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New Scam Targeting Website Developers

Good Day, I’m [ insert name ] ,I will like to know if you can handle website design for a [ insert business type ] and also if you do you accept credit cards ?? kindly get back to me ASAP so i can send you the job details

I’ve now gotten 4 separate inquiries such as this. The commonality between all of them is asking in the initial Email / text / etc. if I accept credit cards. The other reoccurring theme is often that the sender has a disability such as hearing or vision impaired. My best guess is to help justify spelling or grammar errors, or to thwart against immediate phone calls.

My team has actually attempted following up with one of these inquiries. It got so far as to warrant a project scope and proposal. But as you’ll see in the links below, once the discussion gets to the point of funding the down payment to commence work, there’s either an issue such as surgery ( as in the case of our example ) or other outside circumstance that creates a need to fund the payment in a shady unorthodox way.

If you are a website designer / developer, and you get any random inquiries work website work that specifically ask if you accept credit cards in the initial correspondence, are short and sound like boiler plated text…


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