David David Reidy Reidy

Orange County Website Developer

Toptal Admissions

Greetings Toptal Web Freelancers Group!

I can easily introduce myself as a highly-­motivated, energetic self-­starter, and all the rest of  the buzzwords you are looking for in the perfect candidate, but we both know you need to look  beyond the boilerplate responses to find someone with the experience and passion for  technology and web development to maintain a competitive edge online. My unique skillset  comes from over 15 years in I.T. and web development roles in a wide variety of industries.  I’ve proven my ability to thrive as a project manager, both in my own consulting business as  well as in a corporate environment. I believe that strong communication throughout any  project is essential, and I take pride in my ability to relay information clearly between the  technically­enlightened and non­tech savvy individuals. I am open to new ideas and can take  direction well to get a project swiftly accomplished. I also often become a key asset towards  improving and expanding the scope of a project, helping to avoid unforeseen issues and  increasing the longevity of the final product. I take pride in finding the best way rather than the  easiest way, and I spend countless hours on a regular basis furthering my knowledge of the  latest advances in my field.

Whether you are talking html5, CSS3, SASS/LESS, JQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, PHP,  mySQL, MVC, CMS, UI/UX, Linux, Apache and so on, I speak the language of business and  productivity. Utilizing the best set of tools and strategies, knowing my strengths and  weaknesses, working within a strong team, making sure the end result always exceeds the  expectation of the project… that is my passion and this is what I am known for.

Therefore, I present myself to you as the perfect candidate for your company.


David Reidy